Working together

If you have particular skills with Regenerative Agriculture, permaculture, Holistic Animal Management, Bio construction, natural learning, cooking, unschooling, or other skills which might be valuable to this project and if what we do inspires you, brings out the best in your creativity and you can’t wait to get your hands stuck into the dirt, you are more than welcome.

Come as a wwoofer, helpx, couch surfer or just independently and you will receive a warm welcome.  You will work with our on-farm crew to achieve whatever needs to be done on the Farm that week.

Requirements are:

  • Minimum stay 2 weeks.
  • Good working understanding of Permaculture ethics and principles, and/or Regenerative Agriculture
  • approximately 8 hours work per day, 5 days per week.
  • Commitment and a happy soul.

In a nutshell:

Please read the below expectations carefully. We strive to be clear so you know what the expectations of our farm are:

– You will work alongside us, doing whatever needs to be done that day. If we are pulling bramble or digging swales for 4 days straight, then that’s what you will be doing too! Please do not expect to rotate through the entirety of our on-farm systems at a rate of 3 hours per task.

– A quinta is an alcohol free zone on all evenings except saturday evenings. Consumption of alcohol on other days will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.

– Expect to work hard! We will be up at dawn and working till dusk on some days if the task requires it. There are days when we will definitely get hot, cold, wet and dirty (sometimes all at once). Please re-consider applying if hard work (or starting early) is not your thing. The work we do is not suitable for anyone with major physical limitations.

– Your contribution will be valued highly, and you will eat well, sleep well and be around good company.

Current on-farm projects include:

Water works
Tree/plant nursery
Establishing + maintaining animal systems
Forest Garden Systems
Organic Kitchen Garden
Natural Building

Staying at A Quinta

Food: We provide full catering, 7 days a week (with organic produce from the farm wherever possible) for everyone with diets of omnivore and vegetarian. You will be part of the cooking roster, with all ingredients provided.
If you have dietary requirements beyond omnivore and vegetarian, you will need to bring your own food to supplement.

Accommodation: is in our camping area (BYO camping gear).

Planning your time at A Quinta: we have a lot of requests, but only limited spaces. We encourage applicants to plan ahead and also to add any references of recommendations you might have acquired from like-minded farms, institutes etc, as this will help your application.


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