Natural learning


The world and nature are really in it self a perfect classroom. All answers can be found out there. How silly does it seem to lock children up in an uninspiring building, forcing them to soak up information told by one person, while in this day and age information can be found with one press or click on a button! Especially in this era of internet, it seems pointless to stuff dusty information into those little heads which will probably be out of date by the time they leave school. This is a fast changing world in need of capable human beings who can improvise and find new answers, without being stuck in old systems.

Children are such natural learners. From being a baby they teach themselves complex things like eating, crawling, walking, talking without the need to go to school. They have a natural desire to keep on learning about everything day in day out. And this natural desire needs to be fed, instead of restrained and discouraged by a dusty curriculum. All you need to do is offer them guidance and support, by showing them what life and the world has to offer and where to find answers. These are the principles of unschooling. This is also known as interest driven, child-led, natural, organic, eclectic, or self-directed learning. A natural way of children growing into adulthood, being the person who they truly are.

At A Quinta it is our aim to create a beautiful and playful learning environment for children.

Believe nothing, explore and research everything!


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