Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is any kind of farming that enables the restorative capacity of the earth. Regenerative agriculture preserves or improves the fertility of the soil, creates an abundance of food and other agricultural products, contributes to vibrant communities and equitable economies, and respects the ecology of the natural world. Fertile soil helps create nourishing food and, in turn, healthy people and robust communities.

This involves methods like:

  • holistic animal management
  • Animal diversity
  • permaculture and regenerative design
  • water retention methods, like swales
  • natural aqua culture and aquaponics
  • foodforest and reforestation

These methods combined bring a number of benefits to nature and mankind, mainly Social, Ecological and Economical Profit.

Why stop desertification with regenerative agriculture? (Greening the desert)

We can have an ecology without an economy, but we can’t have an economy without an ecology. Greening the desert is a realistic way to reverse most of the environmental, financial and social problems.

(figure; increasing financial problems)

Increasing financial problems means that:

  • prices will continue to increase
  • economies will continue to slow down
  • debt will continue to rise
  • jobs will continue to disappear
  • highly developed (western) societies continue to fall apart

Is this not what we see happening right now?

At the moment of writing it is not all doom and gloom, as new abundant low cost energy sources (cold fusion) might be on the way. And with free energy a lot of problems can be solved. The question is if this energy will be used wisely to help restore the natural earth. Will this energy be used for social, economic and ecological profit? Or only for economic profit?

Greening the desert in combination with rural healthy living with local food production will contribute to slowing down or stopping: soil erosion, air pollution, fossil fuel dependance, rising food prices, social unrest, climate change, loss of ecology, droughts and water shortages. With all these problems disappearing, the financial problems will disappear for our future generations.


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